Tuesday, January 13, 2009


On Sunday evening my husband and I listened to an enlightening radio broadcast from Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse. The description from the website is as follows:
Live From Israel. Brannon interviews Avi Lipkin live from Israel. Topics Include: Why we really went to war in Iraq; Why do America's top politicians ignore the terrorist state of Saudi Arabia?; Why has Secretary of State Condi Rice not looked out for Israel?; What will Hillary Clinton's main goal be as Secretary of State?; Why are so many Jews in America unconcerned with Israel?; Will Israel attack Iran? and much more.
Click HERE to listen to the broadcast.


From Joel Rosenberg's Weblog, in an article entitled NOTES FROM CONFERENCE CALL WITH BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: Warns of Iran's "nightmare scenario":
(Jerusalem, Israel) — Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a 25 minute conference call today with conservative bloggers in which I had the opportunity to participate, made it clear that he sees Israel’s current war against Hamas in Gaza as a “just war,” as a proxy war with Radical Muslim leaders in Iran, and very possibly as a prelude to a future war to stop Radicals in Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, an event he described as a “nightmare scenario.”
Click HERE to read the rest of the Rosenberg article.

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