Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Dear Reader~

Have you ever asked yourself why you believe the things you believe? Most people want to know what they believe and why. It just helps them to make sense of life and to understand their purpose for being on the planet. And did you know that the fulfillment of biblical prophecy is one of the most convincing arguments for believing in the existence of God and in the absolute authority of the Bible?

Today I have placed an item on my sidebar called The Brown Paper Package. It is a collection of materials put together by someone who has studied prophecy and understands its importance in the life of a Christian. I have personally ordered my own Brown Paper Package and can attest to its value. It is a treasure to be explored and valued, and yet it is offered free to all who request it. You can go directly to the website to read all about it and to get the ordering information by clicking HERE

This website is operated by a good friend of mine, Carla, who also carries this offer on her blog morebooksandthings. That is how I found out about it first and where I ordered mine from. She has graciously allowed my to use her brownpaperpackage blog to provide the ordering information. Thank you Carla, and thank you to D. Hills who is the package distributor giving these away for absolutely nothing in return. These are two godly fellow-believers who love the Lord and have a wonderful ministry.

You won't regret placing your order. Do it today. Oh yeah, did I mention it was FREE?

God bless you, Bonnie

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Betty said...

Thank you Bonnie, I just ordered my package. It sounds like a good source of information. Betty