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I am going to take you on a journey. I hope I won't lose you, but if you follow carefully, you should be able to see how "Christian" contemplative prayer is endorsed by the New Age in what I am about to reveal and why it should be avoided at all cost. My question is, "Why on earth would a New Ager promote contemplative prayer unless it fit with their spirituality?"

Fasten your seatbelt, because here we go...

Last summer when I was doing some web-surfing on the subject of the United Nations and some of its New Age connections. I was watching a YouTube video of Dr. Don Beck, who is a "geopolitical commentator and founder of the New Age global Center for Human Emergence, briefing an audience at the United Nations in 2007. He challenged the Security Council to adopt a radically new, fresh approach to global governance."(1) The method he proposes that is supposed to bring about peace in the Middle East is called Spiral Dynamics. It is a method based on the theory of evolution.

Here is that video of Don Beck:

Now, Don Beck is the founder of the Center for Human Emergence. This is his baby. Here are a few quotes from his website:

“The Center for Human Emergence will help facilitate the conscious emergence of the human species using a synthesis of profound breakthroughs in human knowledge and capabilities, encompassing natural pattern coherence, mega-integration, unification, expanded whole mind capacity, deep intelligence and consciousness" - Dr. Don Beck (2)

“Countless beings, I vow to help cross the ocean of existence.
Eternal Suffering, I vow to end.
Innumerable spiritual methods, I vow to study and comprehend.
Awakening to Truth, I vow to realize.” - Bodhisattva Vow (3)

“It's natural that an intelligent species would be successful enough to hit the limits of its own growth without knowing it was going to do so. It's natural that through our successes we have overindustrialized, overpopulated, polluted and used up our environment. It may be that this whole predicament is a natural phenomenon and that this intelligent species is now getting a signal : evolve or die.” - Barbara Marx Hubbard (4) (proponent of the New Age)

One-world religion anyone? Or how about a One-world government? This is what this is heading to.

Here is a video explaining Beck's theory and method, Spiral Dynamics:

On the Human Emergence website, on this page, Ken Wilber is listed as one of the key personnel of this organization. Ken Wilber has his own New Age organization called The Integral Institute (all-is-one). This is where it gets interesting.

Here is the description of another video (seen below the following paragraphs) called The Mystic Heart (Part 1 of 6), a dialogue between Wayne Teasdale (proponent of contemplative prayer) and Ken Wilber:

"In this dialogue series, Brother Wayne Teasdale and Ken Wilber discuss the advent of an integral mysticism in the postmodern world. Reflecting on their own spiritual experiences, the relation of science to spirituality, the lives of the great inter-spiritual pioneers, and how youth culture is revitalizing the mystical traditions, Brother Wayne and Ken show how an integral perspective can bring the revelations of mysticism into everyday life. In so doing, we learn to give fullest expression—as parents and professionals, students and seekers—to the Mystic Heart in each of us.

If, as historian Arnold Toynbee put it, the introduction of Buddhism into the West "may well prove to be the most important event of the 20th century," we might also argue that the re-discovery of the contemplative roots of Christianity will be equally important. And as we enter the 21st century, it stands to reason that the recognition of a common mystical ground between Buddhism, Christianity, and the other World Religions will be the most important event of all."(5)

Ken Wilber is definitely promoting New Age contemplative spirituality through contemplative prayer. This is a quote from a paper written by Wilber (you can read the entire paper if you click HERE):

'The Ascending path is the path of "vertical transcendence" (Goodenough, 2001), the path of spiritual awakening which culminates in union with God- the mystical experience of unity. The process of spiritual awakening generally requires an ardent and sincere devotion to the spiritual path, which involves various spiritual disciplines. The outer aspect of spiritual discipline entails the cultivation of virtue in thought and action through the practice of generosity, kindness, truthfulness, loving service, etc. The outer practice is balanced and sustained by the inner practices - meditation, yoga, contemplative prayer, "Jesus prayer", sacraments, etc. - which allow the practitioner to "touch the divine, the exquisite emptiness, or the mystery and learn to bring that into one's life" (Kornfeld, 1984).' (6)

So, please tell me why seminaries like the Mennonite Brethren "Biblical" Seminary are promoting these types of things in their Spiritual Formation curriculum? If you don't believe it, click HERE to see their 2008 syllabus for the course. Please note exercises called, "The Jesus Prayer", "Apophatic (Breath) Prayer", "The Prayer of Examin", "Labyrinth Prayer", "Body Prayer", and "Celebration of the Eucahrist" which the seminary students are required to participate in in order to receive a grade. These are all contemplative disciplines of the mystical sort. The New Age proponents have inroads into Christendom through pseudo-evangelicals like Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Eugene Peterson and (the late) Henri Nouwen, to mention a few. These men are all scholars, and in their deceptive ways they appeal to other scholars. They have infiltrated our Christian institutions at an alarming rate.

To show just where the mystical pathway leads, I will leave you with a telling quote:

"Today I personally believe that while Jesus came to open the door to God's house, all human beings can walk through that door, whether they know about Jesus or not. Today I see it as my call to help every person claim his or her own way to God."
(From Sabbatical Journey, Henri Nouwen's last book page 51, 1998 Hardcover Edition) ~emphasis mine

When Henri Nouwen died he was a "Bhuddist/Hindu/Christian" just like the others that continued their walk down the contemplative pathway. It eventually leads to a belief that all faiths worship the same God, that all paths lead to spiritual unity in God. If this information doesn't keep you awake at night, I don't know what will. If you a follower of Christ and you understand the implications of this movement, you will separate yourself as far from it as you can. It is diabolical and deceitful, and it looks as though it may be the strong delusion that God will send to those who don't sincerely love the truth. It is coming to a church near you. Will you be found among the faithful when the Lord returns? At the rate the church is falling into apostasy it could be any day now.

For more information on the contemplative prayer movement, I suggest you take the time to study the Light House Trails Research Project website. Click HERE to go directly to the page.



Jenna said...

It is hard to believe that the MB seminary in Fresno would say its students who take this course "must be willing to try a variety of spiritual practices", but there it is on the course outline-labyrinth prayer and all.

Likely the devil is laughing at this all, while God is probably grieving and angry as Christians attempt to use pagan methods to reach a holy God. Let us not forget that when Nadab and Abihu offered strange fire to God, he killed them. God is a holy God, and it seems many people these days are lacking a proper fear of a jealous and holy God.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict those participating in this and that they would repent.

I can hardly believe what I am seeing going on in so many of the "Bible" schools and churches these days. I believe Jesus is going to return very very soon. Let us be sure we are awake and ready when He does come.

Watcher's Lamp said...


Thank you for all your effort in revealing this alarming matrix.


Kennyo said...

Fine work. Thanks for taking the time to put this together and warning others

great site too!


desmid said...

Thanks for this great compilation of the best of Wilber and Beck. Their work gives me hope that we can work through this difficult period and evolve into the fuller potential that the Lord is calling us towards.

BONNIE said...

From the tone of your comment, it appears that you are in favor of Beck and Wilber's work. If you read my blog carefully you would have noticed that I am not. Unfortunately, the best of their works is filthy rags before the Lord of the Bible. His salvation is through the atoning work of the cross on which he paid the debt for our sin, not through evolution to a higher state of consciousness for the betterment of this planet. The Bible says that the earth will melt away with fervent heat.

2 Peter 3:10-12
"But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,
Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?"

Eternity is a long time to be apart from the Christ of the Bible who can deliver from the consequences of our sinful fallen nature. If you seek the truth, I urge you to call out to the God of the Bible to reveal Himself to you, and to begin to study His Word intently with an open and humble heart.

desmid said...


Thank you for posting my comment. I wondered if you would do so after I submitted it. I hope you will likewise post this one.

I was baptized in the Spirit in 1985 through an experience with a Life in the Spirit seminar run by the Word of God community in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have spoken in tongues from that day on and continue to enjoy fellowship with other good Christians. I praise God as my Creator and Jesus as my Saviour and I hope to do nothing that would offend The Lord.

My interest in Ken Wilber dates back 20 years. I was on my way to a renewal event and a friend told me how Ken Wilber said, in his new book (at the time,) that a person was like swiss cheese - full of holes. And that holiness in one area didn't necessarily mean that the person was holy through and through. He also told me about some ideas Wilber had about therapy that I found useful, such as that prayer would help with some issues, but that if (for example) you need to lose weight, that watching your diet would also be important (along with prayer). This seems like common sense I know but it struck me as revelation at the time.

I wish you could consider the idea that there might be some truth to Wilber's message. My reading of your blog suggests that you haven't understood his message but are reacting against some ideas that aren't his. And I think that's a shame.

Wilber may not be perfect but what human author is? He sheds a wondrous light on the human condition. He is totally against the relativism that plagues our times. He supports moral behavior, love, service, and truth. He is kind and generous towards others and works hard to make the world a better place.

BONNIE said...

Desmid, in an effort to understand where you are coming from on this issue I did some research on the "Word of God" Community you speak of and found out that it is charismatic and ecumenical in nature. You say that you were "baptized in the Spirit" and continue to speak in tongues. I hope you are aware that there are MANY who speak in tongues who have no knowledge of Jesus. Hindus and animists also speak with other tongues, but this does not mean that they have faith in Christ. For further study I suggest that you go to and read the article written there by someone who was involved with the "Word of God Community” and the reasons they left the movement, especially why they no longer speak in tongues. I think you might find it quite interesting.

In your comment, you make no mention of ever coming to the cross of Christ in humility and repentance to accept God's gift of salvation. This is the way the Bible says we become God's children. I urge you to examine yourself to see if you are truly in the faith.

Regarding Ken Wilber, I wonder if you have ever visited his website at Wilber is a follower of New Age occultic practices and Bhuddism. You cannot be a "Christian Bhuddist" or a "Christian New Ager". There is only one God, and that is the God of the Bible. Ken is into the "human potential" movement, and denies the reality of the power of sin and its consequences. His teaching is unbiblical.

The Jesus of the Bible would never have recommended following the spiritual teachings of someone who is into these things. Although Jesus spent time with many people of various spiritual backgrounds, He did not follow their teachings or encourage His followers to do so. In fact, he frequently rebuked spiritual teachers who were not in line with Scripture and were drawing people away from the truth that is only found in Him. Just because Wilber is a kind and generous person that does not mean we should follow his spiritual teachings. This does not necessarily qualify him to be a good teacher. His entire set of teachings have their foundation in something contrary to God's Word, so how can he be trusted? I suggest you examine his spiritual teachings against the truth of God's Word. Also, experiences (such as speaking in tongues or other physical manifestations) should never be the barometer by which we measure our faith as they are unreliable. You can never go wrong by learning from the ultimate source of truth, God's complete revelation of Himself, the written Word of God which we have with us here today. Our spiritual foundation is to be built on it, not our experiences.

I also suggest you read my blog entitled SO, WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? which explains what biblical meditation is in contrast to contemplative meditation.

I hope that what you are really seeking is the truth. If you are, call out to God with a humble heart and ask Him to reveal it to you - He will!

Anonymous said...

I agree about Word of God. They were very narrow in their view. They even thought that only people in their group were saved!


shaman sun said...

Thanks for using my "Evolution of Consciousness," video. I appreciate it. I know we may differ on this view quite drastically, but you actually portrayed a wonderfully comprehensive description of the Integral Movement, Spiral Dynamics and evolutionary consciousness in general. Thankyou for that.

peace, being

shaman sun