Thursday, February 7, 2008


I just received another very good commentary by Roger Oakland that I want to pass on because it explains the lasting impact of the emerging church, and describes what it is emerging into. Here are a few exerpts from his article, Don't Bury the Emerging Church, Yet!:

Certain aspects of the emerging church, like other trends or fads that hit Christianity, will no doubt come and go. Perhaps the name will even change. However, the underlying spirituality (I call it emerging spirituality) and the overall vision of the emerging church is not going to fade away or disappear, even blends into the evangelical church. It will still exist.

The ideologies and theologies that have been presented by the emerging church and the purpose driven church (one of the greatest evangelistic tools for the emerging church) have opened the door to a much bigger delusion that is coming in the name of Christ. The catalyst for this delusion is “contemplative spirituality” along with the desire to stimulate the senses to become more engaged with “God.”

February 2008 cover story of Christianity Today...titled “Lost Secrets of the Ancient Church” says that “evangelicals are connecting with the early church” and admits this is basically a “Catholic” looking church with a particular emphasis on ancient mystical practices.

...this ancient faith, focusing on church fathers of the early centuries and the mysticism that enveloped many of them, will not just blend with evangelicalism – it will consume it and absorb it back into the Mother church, a hope and plan that Rome has for what they consider the lost brethren (they call it the New Evangelization). And the emerging church and purpose driven church are the catalysts that will make this happen.

When the emerging church has “served its purpose” evangelical Christianity, as we have known it, will be no more. Those adhering to biblical truth will be viewed as troublesome and evil; and masses of people will be pledging allegiance to a world religion that will not include the Gospel of grace through Jesus Christ.

It is time for Bible believing Christians to be Bible believing Christians and avoid the apostasy that is underway and affecting every denomination and fellowship that professes the name of Jesus Christ.

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