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This is the first time I have written anything specifically about Rick Warren, but I have been following him and his Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan with interest and suspicion ever since it was announced. I definitely do not agree with how he is 'doing church", as he has borrowed his methods from people involved in the New Age and the occult. Today I am posting some video footage featuring Warren, because it is very recent and also clearly illustrates what he is up to these days.

The video below is taken by Robert Scoble, a blogger, tech-media evangelist, and co-author of the book Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers.1. The videos were recorded at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January 2008. While there, Scoble bumped into Rick Warren, author of The Purpose -Driven Life and had a short conversation with him, which is the content of the videos. Now why would a pastor be at the World Economic Forum? Well, on this video Warren says , "This is my favorite phrase as a pastor: 'You can't spell catechism without tech.' It's cat-tech-ism. And so we use technology to help people grow spiritually around the world. I have about a half-million people who get my daily inspiration thing around the world, and I have over 5000 pastors in 162 countries, and I keep in touch with them by the push of a button."2.

So technology is big business, and since it is playing a big part in Warren's Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan, I suppose it explains why he would show up at an economic forum. It would have to, of course, if it were to be global, as it is. Now why does the word antichrist keep ringing in my ears? I don't really think he is the antichrist, but he appears to be one of the teamplayers, promoting the social gospel and it's claim to be able to build the kingdom of God on earth. Utopia all over again. When will Christians ever learn? It is JESUS CHRIST who said, "I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it". Not Rick Warren or any other pastor. Where is the credit given to God? The glory belongs to Him alone. Where is the acknowledgement of the Holy Spirit's power? It is Christ who will be King of Kings and Lord of Lords when He returns in power and glory to defeat Satan and the world's system, not some human being who created a network of worldly churches based on worldly principles.

On the video watch Rick Warren answer the question: "Just how big is your purpose-driven ego?", name-drop and tell you how to save the world. It comes "straight from the horse's mouth". Please forgive me for being a little sarcastic here. Sometime I have a hard time believing a pastor could actually say the things he says and do the things he does. Listen and decide for yourself.

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It is interesting to note how Neither Jesus nor God are mentioned once in the whole interview, while I ,my and phrases like our church are used repeatedly. His words speak for themselves. This IS his church as opposed to God's church.

Rick belongs at this conference since he has great talent at PR and marketing. From a worldly perspective I wouldn't want him selling my product though in view of how he has usurped God's church and made it his. What a shame that he has chosen to use all that talent to promote himself instead of his "product" (I use that term loosely here)Think of how many people would hear the gospel from just this clip had he chosen to live for eternity instead of the here and now.This is a problem we all must watch for even though it may be more subtle for us than this blatant example. It is easy to get so excited about how much God is using us we forget we are only the instrument.

Anyone who claims the word Christian as part of their ministry and then mentions food and beer more often in a discussion than Christ has a BIG problem and so will all who emulate him.

It is sad when one has to resort to counting how many times Christ or Jesus is mentioned in a so called Christian organization or message but I have begun to do so and you would be surprised how many times Jesus is only very incidental or totally absent from articles/talks that are supposed to centre on Him.