Monday, March 24, 2008


I have benefited greatly from two newsletters which I have subscribed to and are sent regularly to my email address. Subscribing to them saves me the time it takes to look up their websites, and enables me to receive updates as soon as they are released. Until I began receiving these newsletters I was fairly ignorant as to the enormous impact that false doctrine is having on formerly strong evangelical organizations (signaling widespread apostasy), and to the rapid pace at which our world is heading towards the prophesied antichrist world religion/government and economic system. I believe it is time for all Christians to be alert and watching for events prophesied in Scripture and to "lift up their heads" as our redemption draws quickly nigh. Therefore, I encourage you to take a few minutes to subscribe to these newsletters. Scripture commands us to be alert and to watch for these things, and these two ministries are doing a fantastic job by making news stories around the world and within Christendom available and by commenting on their relevance. I think you will find them immensely helpful as you continue to watch and wait for "that great day".

The newsletter from LIGHTHOUSE TRAILS, called "Coming From the Lighthouse", is published weekly and deals with crucial news events affecting Christians and the church, and exposes the dangers of contemplative spirituality and its avenues. This is a discernment ministry operated by the Dombrowskis.

UNDERSTAND THE TIMES, a ministry of Roger Oakland, publishes a weekly newsletter called "Weekly News in Review", as well as periodic updates and comments. It helps keep me up to date on relevant news stories around the world and their impact on the church.

If you haven't yet signed up to receive the newsletters from Lighthouse Trails and Understand The Times, click on the underlined links to access them. (the sign-up at Lighthouse Trails is at the bottom of the page.)

The latest newsletter from Lighthouse Trails can be read by clicking HERE, and the latest from Understand the Times, HERE, if you want to access them directly from this page.


Anonymous said...

I'm subscribed to Roger Oakland's (love his pieces by the way), but LIghthouse Trails is new to me. Gonna check it out now. Thank you for the recommendation, Bonnie, you have wonderful resources!


BONNIE said...

Hey, I'm glad I could provide you with the resources! I'm sure you'll like Lighthouse Trails. They are also a publishing company, and have published Oakland's book "Faith Undone", so there is a strong affinity between the two. They have published a lot of other good books which I am sure you would also enjoy reading. Happy viewing!