Sunday, March 30, 2008


As you have probably noticed, I have been blogging very minimally the last few weeks. I have struggled with this, as it is something I really enjoy doing and miss a lot. At the outset I decided that I would not become a slave to this blog, as something I felt obligated to do. And I have determined not to use it to boost my pride and ego, which I struggle with doing. Well, it seems God has certainly been honoring that desire! I often wonder if God allows me to struggle with physical problems to keep me from being prideful. Not that I have anything to be prideful about, but that it is a battle for me to remain dependent upon Him, and He allows and uses my physical weakness to keep me from believing the lie of self-sufficiency, understanding my tendency to do so and to take pride in gifts that I have received as a matter of grace for the benefit of others. Utter foolishness, I know, and yet Satan loves to tempt us, doesn't he?

Many times in the past weeks I have sat down at the computer and started to write and ended up unable to finish what I began. There is so much happening in the world, and I just can't seem to keep up with it all. I wanted to write something about the futility of "Earth Hour" and about the upcoming movie "The Moses Code" in an article I started entitled "New Age Deception and The Arts". And then there is another article waiting to be finished on the latest news about the "New Perspective on Paul" and one on the false teaching of physical healing in the atonement, which I have been working on understanding for the last two much to write, and so little time.

At one point during this time we received an unexpected visitor to our home. This person was involved in the healing and "signs and wonders" movement with its gold dust and gems. He was determined to lay hands on me to heal my back. It was difficult for him to understand that the "gift of healing" he had received and the heat he was feeling in his hands could be an occultic manifestation rather than a godly one. This became an opportunity to discuss the coming apostasy within the church, a challenge to be sure, with someone who wanted to convince us that we were missing out on some "great move of God". I ask that you pray for this unnamed person, that God would use the materials I sent with him to speak to his heart, convincing him of the true message that Christ came to bring, and the dangers of the spiritual path he is on.

Our middle child flew home for a week-long visit during this time as well, and I had to make to the decision to put first things first. I treasure this time with my grown children, as I don't get to see them as often as I like, especially this daughter who lives nearly 10 hours away and will likely not come home for the summer. This is her first year away from home, and as most children do, she required the encouragement, advice and prayers of a caring parent, especially as she was home enjoying a long-awaited break from a hectic dorm atmosphere. It was comforting to realize that she is learning to be responsible for herself and understanding her need to depend on God for the decisions regarding her future.

Several weeks ago I promised to drive school bus full-time for a period of two weeks. Just as my back and shoulder are finally beginning to feel better and things have gotten a little quieter on the homefront, that time is now here, beginning tomorrow morning just after 7 am. This will be a challenge for me, as I am not a morning person and not the speediest at the best of times! And so once again, between bus routes and chiropractic treatments, so little time to write.

The Lord willing, the articles will eventually get finished, little by little and one by one, in HIS time, not in mine. In the meantime I need to remember that the world will go on without my ramblings, and that God is still in control. At this time I would appreciate your prayers for me, as I wait for time to once again get back to writing, and for further physical recuperation.

God has led me to the sites of so many other truth-loving fellow-bloggers and online ministries which have blessed and encouraged me tremendously. And so I also encourage you to take this time to visit some of the sites on my sidebar to keep you informed of what is going on in this world from a biblical perspective.

Till things slow down and we meet again...
God bless, Bonnie


Anonymous said...


Wow, driving a school bus! That sounds exciting in itself! I don't know much about the school transportation in the US, but do you have to also drive them back later in the day?

I'll be praying for your un-named friend and you.


carla said...

Sounds like you've been pretty busy Bonnie. I do enjoy reading your blog so I hope you get some spare time soon.

Glad to hear how God is using you.

BONNIE said...

Good to hear from you both. Sicarii, I actually live in Canada, and yes, I have to pick the kids up after school as well. My route takes about 2 and a half hours each time, so I'm gone for about 5 hours each day.

Well, Friday is finally here, and I am happy to see it even though I love my job and enjoy the kids on the bus. A little update: on Wednesday after my morning route I fell down about four stairs in my home and tore some muscle and ligaments in my left shoulder, a weak area that has been susceptible to injury for almost twenty years. So, off to the massage therapist today for a treatment, and then another one next Friday. This is nothing new for me, but it is rather frustrating, as I had been on the mend just lately from recurring back problems. I am still able to drive bus since I still have the use of both hands and the bus has an automatic transmission and electric door.

I would REALLY appreciate your continued prayers for physical healing for this last mishap. I just wish it was as well with my body as it is with my soul, for which I truly thank God. I've been feeling a little like Job lately...but Lord, I don't need any more patience and humility...or then again, maybe I do?

2 Corinthians 4:16b-18
...though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day. For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, sorry about that boo-boo, Bonnie. I know there are Canadians who don't like being mistaken as Americans (and vice-versa), and hope you aren't one, lol!

Anonymous said...


Sorry for not catching up of late. I hope you're feeling much better now! Will pray for you, my good sister.