Thursday, December 18, 2008


Until I read the following article, I never really understood the purpose of the two genealogies given in Scripture as they related to the birth of Jesus Christ, even though I did know that one was the genealogy of Joseph (Matthew's gospel) and the other the genealogy of Mary/Miriam (Luke's gospel).

What I discovered was that Matthew's gospel was written from Joseph's perspective with him playing the active role, and Mary playing the passive. The genealogy of Joseph was included in Scripture to show that his natural offspring are excluded from from the royal line of David for three reasons, which are as follows: it includes four women, all of these women are Gentiles, and it includes the line of Jeconiah who was cursed from ever providing an heir to the throne. Anyone who is a Jew would automatically understand by this that none of Joseph's natural offspring could ever sit on David's throne. Immediately following this genealogy we are told that what was conceived within her was of the Holy Ghost before Joseph and Mary came together. The picture is clear: Jesus is not the natural offspring of Joseph.

Read The Genealogy of the Messiah by Arnold J. Fruchtenbaum.

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