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This post is a follow-up to a series I wrote called The Golden-Rule Twisted (in 4 parts). In Part 4 I wrote about Karen Armstrong winning a TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) award for her idea of creating a global Charter for Compassion based on the Golden Rule. For the background on today's post I suggest you read the articles that I have highlighted above. The fourth article explains who Karen Armstrong is, what the TED award is and who is behind it as well as the details of Armstrong's dream for this global charter.

By the way, did you know that Rick Warren was the recipient of a TED award in 2006. That is where he gave his famous speech about identity, income and influence and the purpose of life. He is addressing the question, "What are you doing with what you've been given?". This is also where he says that God looks down on us when we are using our gifts to make the world a better place and says, "That's my boy!" Sadly, Warren misses mention something vital - being born again by the Spirit of God - confessing our sin, repenting and turning by faith to Jesus Christ for salvation - all things necessary for becoming a child of God. The Bible teaches that those who do not belong to God in Christ are His enemies. He loves them, but they are dead in their trespasses and sins and are in rebellion to God. He is telling a group of people, some who have likely never heard the gospel, some who are trusting in their own good deeds to gain favor with God, that they are His child. How can a person who is named "America's Pastor" sit before an audience in the making of a video that millions of people are going to watch and miss telling them something so absolutely vital to their eternal destiny, and then lie to them by implying they are all the children of God. This is a false gospel. If you haven't yet watched this TED video, you can see it by clicking HERE. (TED's sponsor is BMW, which supports its belief in the power of ideas. It is primarily a forum for new age ideas, interfaith teaching, and worldly wisdom. Now I wonder why they would honor Rick Warren with this award!!?)

It was announced on November 13th that the Charter for Compassion will be moving forward to its realization by calling for people of many and diverse religious beliefs around the globe for their input towards its completion in 2009. The Charter for Compassion website has a three and a half minute video explaining its purpose. In it Armstrong calls fundamentalism a dangerous thing, but what it ignores is that biblical "fundamental" Christianity stands apart from all religions. The fundamentalism (in its traditional definition) in true Christianity is not a dangerous thing. I never met a traditional fundamental and biblical Christian yet that forces anyone to convert. It is not dangerous. It is the Holy Spirit who convicts people of sin and convinces them of truth. It is up to Christians to proclaim that truth, and to live it - that is all. Anyone who forces someone to convert does not understand the Christian gospel. Debating with someone about the validity of their beliefs is not a violent thing in and of itself. (But of course the new spirituality has redefined violence to include that.)

The definition of tolerance has been changed to mean acceptance of all religions as equal. What these people do not realize is that one can tolerate something without considering it equally valid in its teachings. In that Christianity is not a religion, as compared with all the "isms" of other beliefs, it stands apart and is unique. It alone has the truth about God, the nature of man, the deity of Jesus Christ and the eternal destiny of man. Those who are fundamental Bible-believing and Bible-honoring Christians know that they cannot compromise the truth that there is salvation in no other name than that of Jesus THE Christ. Those who make that compromise are not Christians, they are pseudo-Christians. There is no peace to be had on the earth apart from the peace that comes when an individual has received redemption through Christ's sacrifice in His blood. Any other message is not the Christian message. It is a lie.

The global "peace" and subsequent "unity" of those who have set their hearts on forming the Charter for Compassion will be the fulfillment of the Antichrist's attempt to rule the world once and for all and set himself up as God in the place of the Creator of the universe. What Karen Armstrong doesn't realize is that she is helping to usher in the Antichrist's global kingdom by using the "Golden Rule" as its "holy grail", just as Oprah and all of her fellow new age gurus are when they promote "A New Earth". They accuse fundamentalist Christians of ushering in Armageddon when they teach about the last days according to Bible prophecy, and are determined that they are not going to let it happen. Are you kidding!? It is the height of arrogance and rebellion to believe human beings are going to prevent God's predetermined plan for mankind. Instead, they are going to end up persecuting Christians for standing in the way of global unity, the new tower of Babel, and usher in the Antichrist's Kingdom.

I realize there may be people who come across my blog who don't understand what I am talking about. If there is something that doesn't seem quite right to you about all this global unity talk, I urge you to examine some of the links I have posted at the top of my sidebar. You may also email me and I will do my best to help you. The Bible prophesied hundreds of events about Jesus Christ's coming to earth so that you may be saved from the wrath of God coming against Satan and his followers, hundreds of years before they happened. They were all fulfilled. The only Bible prophecies yet to be fulfilled concern the global economic, political and spiritual unity under the Antichrist, the seven years of tribulation to come upon the earth such as it has never before experienced and the final judgment of unbelievers and the beginning of a new era under God's rule and the establishment of Christ's kingdom. Satan is a deceiver and the father of lies. From the beginning he has tried to set himself up as God in his rebellion. Throughout history he has never wavered from his goal. He, and all those he has deceived into following his agenda will be cast into the Lake of Fire that is reserved for him. Hell was created for the rebellious and arrogant fallen angel, Satan, not for human beings. But those human beings who reject the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who was sent by God to save us from the evil nature that lurks within us will join him if they don't look to Christ as their only hope of salvation.

I urge you to carefully consider this. The hour is late. Don't delay. It will soon be too late to change your mind before the coming tribulation is upon this world. And then if you do, you will either be deceived into worshiping Satan wholeheartedly or be put to death for refusing to do so. He will require every man to receive a mark on his hand or forehead in order to buy or sell anything upon the earth. The failure of the nation's economies and the coming economic collapse will make this seem like a good solution. These things are all prophesied in the Bible. They will happen whether Oprah, Obama, or Karen Armstrong try to stop them or not. These people twist God's Word to suit their own agenda and to their peril. Don't fall for the deception.

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