Thursday, January 17, 2008


Most of you will agree that this picture of a mouse is just a little TOO cute, and very unrealistic. I deliberately chose it to illustrate the article I have posted below. What Christ wants is true believers who will follow Him with all their hearts, minds and souls, not imitation Christians, and not Christians who follow a Christ of their own making and a false gospel


You have probably heard the story of the fellow who was out of cheese, so he baited the mouse trap with a picture of a piece of cheese. The next morning the trap was sprung, having captured a picture of a mouse!

This reminds me of the efforts made by religious teachers (including some of my brethren), who try to attract souls to Christ without the real gospel. Instead, they substitute recreation, entertainment, and other social events in the hope of drawing large numbers who can then be "trapped" into becoming Christians. At least two things are wrong with this practice.

First of all, reaching the lost is not some kind of trapping expedition where the quarry is the unsuspecting sinner, who must be "baited" or "suckered" into accepting the Gospel.. While it is true that Jesus wants His disciples to be "fishers of men" (Matthew 4:19), most of the fishing done in that area had to do with nets, not fancy and deceptive baits. Jesus said, "Go and preach." He did not authorize us to sneak up on or entrap sinners.

In the second place, the real, unadulterated gospel is the only means God has given us to attract sinners. It alone is the "power of God unto salvation" (Romans 1:16). The knowledge of God is, according to our Master, sufficient to draw sinners to Christ (John 6:44-45). The use of some phony, worldly "bait" will, like the story above, result in snaring phony, worldly converts. We still reap what we sow. Sowing carnality is not likely to bring forth spirituality.

If we are faithful and diligent in forthrightly proclaiming the gospel to the lost, those with good and honest hearts will receive the word with gladness and be saved. Those who reject it cannot be saved by worldly means. This is God's original, simple, and effective plan for reaching mankind. Who are we to suggest that we can improve upon the Divine plan by using the world's methods. We need to be satisfied with God's provisions which are more than adequate to accomplish His purposes. -- Bob West, The Milpitas Messenger, February, 1996


jerry said...

Good piece, Bonnie. I went to his website and enjoyed his perspective and ideas on those items I read. (By the way, you were up late last night!)

BONNIE said...

I think I had this article passed on to me by a dear Aunt and Uncle some time ago and thought it was a good illustration; I had it filed for quite some time. I've been going easy on the posting lately as I've had to set up a new computer,(the old one is in palliative care :} ), and thought I would just post some good articles I have read elsewhere.

All right ~ I admit it ~ I'm a bit of a night owl. It's my favorite time of the day to write as that is when there are the fewest distractions.

Have a great day!